Imagen: Martijn Beekman - Mediatheek Rijksoverheid


Vacancy - Policy officer on EU political and macro-economic topics

The importance of Spain for the Netherlands has increased enormously from an economic and political point of view and there is a growing interest from the Netherlands in seeking collaboration with Spain in key EU-areas and vice versa. The embassy would like to foster this enhanced mutual interest and is therefore strengthening its politics and economics team. In light of Spain’s ambitious foreign policy and EU agenda, including the forthcoming Presidency in the second half of 2023, there are many opportunities to strengthen the embassy’s work on political and economic topics. Priority themes are, amongst others, energy transition, climate change, industrial policy, digitalization, recovery funds, fiscal rules, EMU, and trade/investment policy. Furthermore, in the context of Europe's pursuit of ‘open strategic autonomy’, Spain and the Netherlands want to further elaborate the agenda together. Open strategic autonomy represents the ability of the EU to safeguard its public interests, reduce strategic dependencies and be resilient in an interconnected world.   In addition, the embassy closely monitors and reports on national political and economic developments, such as the upcoming elections in 2023, also in view of Spain’s EU-positions. The embassy therefore seeks a policy officer on EU political and economic topics who will provide hands-on support to shape and implement our policy and political economic agenda. Moreover, the policy officer will act as a contact person for stakeholders in the Netherlands and Spain. An adequate mastering of all these themes and activities demand both thorough economic understanding and knowledge of said topics, but also requires a strong political antenna and insight.

21-03-2023 | 17:40